Hydraulic Platforms

There are occasions when YOU our clients require the use of hydraulic platforms to clean areas causing concern, these are times when our conventional method of cleaning from the ground with our reach and wash system is not viable, due to the 70ft height limit. With the use of hydraulic platforms, being above this height is no longer an issue. Reaching in excess of 100 ft(10-11 floors up).Even making previously inaccessible jobs easy. Reaching up and over areas of obstruction.

We have negotiated some excellent rates with reputable suppliers ,which in turn we pass on to you the client. We have access to a whole host of hydraulic platform machines that can access any height and suit all budgets.

All of our operators are highly experienced and are fully insured and trained to IPF standards.

Please call to arrange for a free quotation and on-site survey….0845 6800 302