Machine Access-Mobile Platforms and Cradle Access

IPAF Member

There are occasions when our clients require the use of hydraulic platforms. These are times when our conventional method of cleaning from the ground with our reach and wash system is not viable due to the 65ft height limit. With the use of Machine access( hydraulic platforms), being above this height is no longer an issue. Reaching in excess of 100 feet (10-11 floors up). Making previously inaccessible jobs easy. Reaching up and over areas of obstruction.

We have negotiated some excellent rates with reputable suppliers, which in turn we pass on to you the client. We have access to a whole host of hydraulic platform machines that can access any height and suit all budgets.

All of our operators are highly experienced and are fully insured and trained to IPAF standards

Kingdom Clear provides industrial, retail, commercial, and professional window cleaning services with local expertise. We have been a leader in the business for many years, serving as window cleaners to our customers of all sizes, from Blue Chip companies to local start-ups. We provide customized window cleaning services tailored to the needs of our clients that are delivered within budget, on time, with an obsessive dedication to getting it right for you, not just the first time – but every time!

For your local window cleaner in your area, we are here and not too far away to give you the support you require. Whatever the area your business is located in its remembering Scotland is our back garden and we can care for your every need.

Our window cleaning services here at Kingdom Clear give real peace of mind. Scheduling systems through our back office provide your premises with what you require at the right time that suits you with confirmation by email or text to say we will be arriving the next day if this is your requirement.

Right down to the name of the window clear coming to do your scheduled window cleaning visit, for times when you need more than the usual information for security. On completion of the job you can receive an electronic proof of delivery signed by your manager as proof for one job or for mullite sites with one invoice all done paperless.

We at Kingdom Clear are doing our best to save the environment working with ECO methods yet still giving 100% satisfaction to you the customer.